Spark of Rebellion

Escape from Llanic


The unlikely team of Bru'gatt and Dex'em exit hyperspace in orbit around Llanic.  Before Dex'em could even request landing clearance, everything erupts into a warnings and klaxons announcing the imminent arrival of Imperial Forces.  

As the Devorian and Human land and disembark, they are greeted by an Imperial patrol, who take them into custody for questioning.  Led to the local constabulary, the travelers are sat with numerous other spacers and forced to wait.  Almost 3 hours later, after a human was led back for interrogation, a struggle is heard from the back, followed by blaster fire.  Then almost immediately, a large explosion erupts from the landing pad area.  Storm Troopers and Imperial officers pour out and head in that general direction.  Bru'gatt and Dex'em exchange a glance, and take off in the confusion, making their way to the safest place they can think of…  The local tavern.  

Meanwhile, in Nikoale's 'residence', the rest of our group decide what to do next.  Discussion bounces back and forth, when finally the group decides to attempt to free the pilot of the ship Ro-Gin and X-48 arrived on.  

Met with minor resistance, which our group quickly overpowered, the group arrived at the Constabulary, only to discover horrific news.  The pilot was found, a blaster shot right between his eyes.   "Investigating" his body, Nikoale discovered a device that Gamun quickly identified as a transmitter tied to the pilot's life signs.  Did that mean the explosion was his ship?  What was he hiding that meant such drastic measures?  

It was then that it was decided they needed to get off world quickly and proceeded to the tavern to locate a pilot, and hopefully a ship.  There the group encounters Bru'gatt and Dex'em.  After a quick drinking demonstration, an agreement was struck and the group set out to free Dex'ems ship.  

Locating a small patrol of Storm Troopers and easily dispatching them, the party donned the iconic armor and proceeded to the space port.  There, Jax was able to convince the posted guards Bru'gatt had turned himself in and was revealing smuggled items on the ship, and that Mala was a gift for the Commander in orbit.  

After a little slicing, the crew got clearance and departed the starbase, picking up the remaining members of the group along the way.  Unfortunately, their clearance didn't last long and orbiting ships opened fire on them.  

Some fancy flying, quick astrogation, and luck allowed the crew to make it into hyperspace, but not before taking some damage.  

Damage, it would turn out, that would fry out the hyperdrive causing the ship to return to normal space deep in the middle of nowhere.  



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